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Listen To Your Florist: Tips To Keep Your Floral Arrangement Healthy And Long-Lasting

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If you’ve ever purchased or received a floral arrangement from a flower shop, such as Marine Florists, you know that it takes a bit of thought to keep the flowers looking fresh. To make a floral arrangement last a relatively long time, you need to exercise a bit of caution and take a few simple measures. Your local florist can help you understand the basics, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Read More»

Fun Floral Ideas To Send A Friend For Her Birthday

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If a friend is celebrating her birthday, consider ordering unique floral gifts online from a business like Choles Floral. These are much more than a mere bouquet of flowers; these are clever and cute ideas that she will be happy to show-off in her home beyond her special day! Some fun and festive flower arrangements to send a friend include: Carnation cake. If you want to go all-out, why not send someone special a cake? Read More»

Surprising A Sick Friend In The Hospital

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Did you find out that one of your closest friends will have to spend some time in the hospital for a serious illness? If you want to do more than simply visit him or her in the hospital, there are several things that can be done to make the situation more joyful. You can surprise your friend with a few sentimental gifts that he or she can take home upon leaving the hospital. Read More»