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Fun Floral Ideas To Send A Friend For Her Birthday

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If a friend is celebrating her birthday, consider ordering unique floral gifts online from a business like Choles Floral. These are much more than a mere bouquet of flowers; these are clever and cute ideas that she will be happy to show-off in her home beyond her special day!

Some fun and festive flower arrangements to send a friend include:

Carnation cake. If you want to go all-out, why not send someone special a cake? A floral cake, that is; these are easy for floral designers to create and they are something that could be displayed as a centerpiece, on a desk at work, or on the kitchen counter! Check with florists to see what they offer, and order early!

Micro-bouquets. Create something really special with a micro-bouquet and card for the birthday girl. These can be made with tiny succulent plants, tiny blooms- like baby's breath- and any other tiny flowers or greens. Ask florists for fresh flowers, and then break them down to create your teeny arrangement to attach to a card.

Watering can. Another fun idea is to fill a ceramic or metal watering can with fresh flowers. Some florists may offer a variation that can be delivered; otherwise, look for watering cans at home improvement stores and fill with floral foam, water, and your trimmed-to-fit fresh flowers.

Coffee and flowers. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most appreciated. Give someone special a cool coffee mug filled with fresh flowers- it will make their day! These are offered by most online florists, and the cup will serve as a lasting reminder of the gift and your thoughtful gesture!

A blooming box. Ask florists to create a boxed-arrangement that resembles a wrapped gift when done. These often utilize fancy boxes, ribbon, and bows, and the flowers appear to be blooming right out of the box! Ask your favorite florist for similar suggestions and creations.

Some other fun ideas include:

  • Order rainbow-dyed flowers for a simple and colorful presentation bouquet of roses, tulips, or carnations.
  • Tuck a couple nips of liqueurs or other spirits in a basic floral arrangement. Florists can deliver the flowers to you and you can wrap each nip with wire and secure it in your bouquet with a floral-pic.
  • Snip the heads from blooming flowers and float in a shallow crystal or glass dish for a unique centerpiece that is soothing and serene.

Commemorate a special day with a unique floral gift. These will brighten any day, and are sure to bring a smile when ordered to celebrate a birthday. Visit florists online to order gifts and consult with floral designers for more clever and celebratory ideas!