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What You Should Know About Sending Sympathy Flowers

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If you know somebody who has recently lost a loved one, you might be considering flowers as a sympathy present. Flowers make for a great reminder that you are thinking about somebody in their time of loss. The good news? Sending sympathy flowers can be simple. Here’s what you need to know. What Kind of Flower Bouquet Is Best? If you are planning to send sympathy flowers, you have a few different types of bouquet options to choose from. Read More»

Preserved Flowers That Can Be Enjoyed Every Day

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If you enjoy the scent and beauty of fresh flowers but have dealt with many instances in which a bouquet didn’t last as long as you initially anticipated, you may want to explore purchasing preserved roses as an alternative. Preserved roses have been treated with glycerin and natural plant elements and will require little to no maintenance. All Natural Products Roses that have been preserved are authentic flowers that have been picked at their peak and carefully treated. Read More»