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Sports-Themed Floral Arrangement Ideas

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There can be various times that you want to order a floral arrangement that has a specific theme. Visit your local florist shop to discuss your theme with the florist and see what they suggest. Some people may like the idea of ordering a sports-themed arrangement. There are lots of times that this arrangement could be appropriate. For example, if you're having friends over to watch a sporting event on TV, you might like the idea of having a sports-themed arrangement on display in the room. Or, if you have a family member who is an accomplished athlete, you might like the idea of presenting them with a sports-themed arrangement. Here are some ideas to discuss with your florist.

Team Colors

A simple way to order a sports-themed floral arrangement is to choose flowers that tie into a specific team's colors. In the scenario of having friends over to watch a game on TV, you might all be cheering for a team that wears red and white uniforms. You can instruct your local florist to put together a bouquet that features red and white flowers. There is no shortage of flowers in these hues, and the end product can be visually impressive. When your guests arrive to watch the game, they'll be impressed at how your floral arrangement ties into the team that you'll soon be cheering for.

Sports Vase

When you think about a vase that holds a bouquet of flowers, you might think of a plain glass or ceramic vase. While these products are common, a lot of florist shops have vases that suit different themes. You can often find sports-themed vases at many shops. They might be white with red stitching marks to depict a baseball, brown with white stripes to depict a football, or have other sports-related designs. Regardless of the flowers you want in your arrangement, choosing one of these vases can provide a definite sports feel.

Sports-Shaped Arrangement

You might be surprised at the different floral arrangement shapes that your florist can create, including some that relate to sports. For example, some people like arrangements in which the flowers combine to look like a baseball or a football. By using specific flower colors, and positioning them to create a shape, the florist can produce a unique arrangement that ties into your preferred sport. 

For more information on floral arrangements, contact a florist shop near you.