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2 Things To Look For When Buying An Orchid

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Orchids are beautiful flowers. When you walk by the grocery store's floral display, you may think about getting one of them for your house. If you are going to get an orchid, you want to make sure that you are getting the right orchid. You want your new orchid plant to be something you can enjoy for years. So, what should you look for when picking out an orchid to take home and watch bloom?


One thing that you should look at is how many flowers and spikes the plant has. The spikes are where flowers will appear, so more spikes mean more flowers. You want the flowers to be just about to bloom or have just bloomed because they will last the longest. You can trim the flowers before they die so the plant will reflower. If you are going to do that, make sure that you have read a guide or watched a video so that you know where and when to cut. You don't want to do anything that could damage the plant and make it so it won't bloom again at all. 


Plants need to have a sound, solid root system. Healthy roots make for healthy plants because they will ensure that the plant gets all the nutrients and water needed to grow and flower. So you want to check on the roots and see how healthy they look. First, you want to quickly inspect the roots that may be on top of the soil. They should look firm and green or white. Orchid roots will turn green when they have been watered, and as they dry out, the roots will lighten up and appear white. White roots are fine, but gray or brown is not. Those are signs that the plant has been watered in a while or is unhealthy. That is a plant you should avoid. See if you can see other roots as well like if the plant is in a transparent pot, you could pull it out of the decorative pot to see the roots. 

Orchids are beautiful plants, and they can make your house look better. Some people think that orchids are very fiddly and fussy, but there are some very easy-to-grow orchids that you could buy. If you want to buy orchid flowers, it helps to know some things to look for before buying one to take home.