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3 Ways To Design Bouquets That Differentiate Between Bride And Attendants

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The bouquets carried by the bride and their attendants are a key element of the right wedding look. But while you want them to complement each other, that doesn't mean they should be identical. There should be a clear difference between the bridal bouquet, the maid of honor bouquet, and the attendant bouquets. How can you accomplish this? Here are three methods to consider depending on your wedding plans. 

1. Size Differences

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between bouquets is to make some larger than others. The bride's bouquet should, of course, be visibly larger than the attendants' bouquets to make it stand out. You could also add a less-visible size discrepancy between a particularly honored attendant, such as a maid or matron of honor, and the bridesmaids as a whole.

For added interest, use the different sizes to create a more complex bouquet design for the bride and simpler ones for the bridesmaids. 

2. Color Differences

The colors of bouquets can be a tricky thing, but it also allows you more flexibility with design.

Rather than make all the bouquets look very harmonious, use color to make the bride stand out. The bridal bouquet might be white and pastel while the bridesmaids' blooms are darker shades. Or reverse it, such as by using a striking red rose bouquet for the bride and white flowers for attendants. This variation provides a fun pop in group photos, too. 

3. Shape Differences

Bouquets come in a number of different shapes, including the classic posy style, rounds, pomanders, pageant bouquets, cascades, and single stems. Consider using these many options to differentiate among wedding participants through shape rather than size or color. 

The bride might carry a large and showy cascade, for instance, while the maid of honor follows with a posy arrangement in the same shades, the attendants have nosegays, and flower girls carry pomanders. This flexibility in shape and design allows you to tailor the bouquet styles to pair with different dresses or overall looks and different body types. 

Where to Start

Finding the right combination of bouquet looks — including size, shape, and color choices — to achieve your desired wedding design can be complicated. When you opt for different bouquets, you have more combinations to consider and more factors to account for. Start by learning more about bouquet design at a florist in your area. With their expertise, you'll soon have the perfect solution to make your bridal party look and feel great.