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Preserved Flowers That Can Be Enjoyed Every Day

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If you enjoy the scent and beauty of fresh flowers but have dealt with many instances in which a bouquet didn't last as long as you initially anticipated, you may want to explore purchasing preserved roses as an alternative. Preserved roses have been treated with glycerin and natural plant elements and will require little to no maintenance.

All Natural Products

Roses that have been preserved are authentic flowers that have been picked at their peak and carefully treated. People who purchase natural flowers that have been untreated tend to select ones that contain healthy blooms that are slightly or moderately opened. This allows an end-user to appreciate the full beauty of a flower and its interesting arrangement of petals that seem to intertwine with one another.

Preserved flowers are selected with the same proposed preferences in mind. Some florists offer preserved products that include roses that have endured various stages of the blooming process. Unlike flowers that haven't been treated, preserved products will not require any water, plant food, or sunlight. Some manufacturers advise their clients to keep products out of direct sunlight and to ensure that preserved roses are not stored in a humid setting.

All of the specifications associated with products that are of interest can be explored in depth when shopping for products. The natural scent of a batch of roses will be extracted during the preservation process. A replacement scent will be applied to products that have been treated and this scent will mimic the natural scent of a rose. 

Product Options

A box that contains a dozen roses or hand-dipped roses that each possess a unique color and that have been arranged to create a beautiful bouquet are some standard items that you can purchase in lieu of untreated flowers. There are also specialty items that may be offered through a florist, including dome-covered cases, circular baubles that can be used as ornaments or trim decor, and independent boxes that contain LED lighting.

Consider where you will be displaying the preserved roses and select a color scheme that you prefer. Since preserved roses last for several years or longer, you may want to create several distinct displays that are each symbolic of a specific time of the year. For seasonal displays, an assortment of preserved products that bear varying colors and bloom types can be placed inside of a vase or a basket that is going to be set up on a table or a counter. 

For more information, talk to a supplier of preserved roses, including forever roses.