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Bouquet Gift-Giving Options For Your Loved One Or Friend

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A bouquet as a gift can make someone's day, help them celebrate a special occasion, or is just a great way to tell them you love them. Here are some options for giving someone a bouquet on their birthday or other occasion, using flowers or other food items to build the bouquet.

Choose a Birthday-Month Flower Bouquet

If you are looking to surprise someone with a bouquet of bright flowers on the celebration day of their birth, why not make a statement with a flower bouquet that is specific to their birthday month? Just as each month has its own birthstone, each month also has its own flowers and significant meaning.

For example, May's blooms are Lily of the Valley or Hawthorne, and they signify sweetness and humility. And a December birthday can be paired with a bouquet made of Holly or Narcissus and has a meaning of good wishes and foresight. You can find these flower months and their meanings online, or ask your florist which flowers go with your birthday-person's birth month.

Go With Roses

If you want to go with a traditional bouquet of roses on your person of choice's special day or celebration, roses come in a variety of colors, and with each rose's color has its own meaning. So be careful that you don't send the wrong color of rose to your loved one, as yellow roses mean infidelity. Also don't send your boss salmon-colored roses, which mean excitement and desire; rather, save these for your love interest.

When you want to send a message of rejuvenation of someone's spirit, send them some green roses, which are available from time to time at a local florist. If you are going to surprise your niece, daughter, or granddaughter, for example at her first bridal recital, take her a bouquet of light pink roses, which mean grace or graceful. And purple roses represent the feeling of enchantment to give to someone you are enchanted with.

Create an Edible Bouquet

Sometimes you want to send a bouquet to someone but flowers are not quite right for the individual, so in this situation you can create your own bouquet out of edible items. One popular bouquet uses fruit that has been cut intricately or dipped in chocolate to create a flower-like arrangement the recipient can eat and enjoy. You can also use candy bars or iced cookies attached onto the ends of wooden sticks to build your bouquet or arrangement.