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Live In The Desert? Give A Succulent Bouquet As Congratulations For Buying A Home

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If you live in the desert, you will experience a warmer climate compared to most others. When a family member or friend buys a home in the same town or city where you live, you should consider giving them a gift to congratulate them. An excellent idea is to give them a bouquet, but this is where you may want to get it made with succulents because it fits with the climate.

Minimal Upkeep

One advantage of getting someone a succulent bouquet is that the recipient will not have to worry about upkeep that much at all. This is because succulents are hardy plants that can survive in some of the harshest conditions. Since the homeowner will likely be busy with getting situated into their new home, they will appreciate not having to worry about constant upkeep.

Fitting Look

When you give a succulent bouquet to a new homeowner, you will be providing them with plants that fit the climate. This is excellent because it will likely fit in with the look of their home. It may be possible for them to put the bouquet on a table in the patio to act as a backyard decoration.

A great idea is to look at photos of the home to see if there are succulents on the property. This way, you can choose different succulents so that they give the house a unique look. If the succulents are the same as what is in the yard, the homeowner could get their own clippings.

Growth Potential

Giving a standard flower bouquet as a gift may look beautiful in the new home for a while, but the idea of taking the flowers and growing them in the backyard may not be realistic. This makes succulents an optimal gift because the homeowners will have an opportunity to grow the plants.

If you are concerned about the succulents not being able to grow well, you can ask the florist about which plants will be able to thrive on their own if they are planted in the yard. This can help you with choosing the right succulents knowing that the recipient may want to grow them.

Succulent bouquets provide a unique look compared to most other bouquets that you can get from a florist. Even though you may not see succulent bouquets often, even in the desert, you should not hesitate to give one away when you want to congratulate someone for buying a home. Contact a florist, like Heights Flower Shop, for more help.