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Get Ready For A Great Mother's Day

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Are you planning the perfect day for the women in your life, your mother, your mother-in-law and your wife? If so, from planning an event like a picnic to buying hanging terrariums, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something so special that those women will remember Mother's Day of 2018 for a very long time. 

The Event - Do you have others who will be helping you to plan this Mother's Day activities? Perhaps you have taken on the responsibility of planning a special event by yourself. Either way, think of things that each woman that you are honoring will feel like you planned the event just with her in mind. For example, if you plan something like a picnic, find out the favorite picnic type foods that each woman would enjoy best.

If your mother adores fried chicken, make that part of the menu. If your wife would be excited to have an outdoor barbecue picnic, make it happen. You get the picture. Whether it's an outdoor picnic or a home-based event, remember to bring special things like champagne or non-alcoholic champagne and decadent desserts like dark chocolate covered strawberries or cheesecakes with different toppings.

The Gift - Buy hanging glass spheres! Many women, if not most women, love flowers and plants, right? Of course, a corsage or the delivery of roses are wonderful gifts, but they might not be the most unique gift that you could select. Have you seen hanging terrariums? They're magnificent and would make a truly unique presentation. One really good thing about selecting hanging glass spheres is that they go with any decor.

Consider buying a set of them that can be hung at different levels, or buy one larger one that holds several different types of plants. You can even get hanging glass spheres that have orchids as part of the design. A person doesn't have to have a green thumb to be successful with maintaining a hanging terrarium. The terrariums will more than likely come with directions on how to best care for them.

Whether you plan a picnic, an at-home dinner or a dinner in a restaurant, don't forget to take pictures so that later on they can be placed in frames or in a scrapbook. And, another idea is to add a personal, hand-written note that expresses your love and appreciation for all that the mothers in your life do for you.